S12 Solutions focus since serves to meet the demand for mental health act assessment at the point of mental health crisis. The recently published NHS Reset report – Mental Health Services and COVID19: Preparing for the rising tide, S12 Solutions seeks to support the recommendations in the report and that of the NHS' response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support in meeting the challenge of the forthcoming "suppressed", "exacerbated" and "driven demand" in mental health crisis care.

S12 Solutions Supporting NHS RESET and the NHS response to the COVID-19 pandemic

During COVID-19 and in the future S12 Solutions continue to develop relationships across health and social care stakeholders to support the prioritisation of their workforces in the reduction of administrative tasks associated with the organisation of MHAA.  S12 Solutions approach is one of challenge identification and meeting these challenges with innovative digital approaches to enhance and support the mental health crisis care pathway.  This involves listening, collaboration and co-production with our stakeholders e.g. commissioners, mental health and social care professionals across England.

How S12 Solutions as an agile digital technology company has been meeting these challenges during COVID-19 pandemic.


s.12 doctors reluctant to go onto COVID query/positive wards and areas and fewer s.12 doctors making themselves available due to workforce sickness or redeployment.   Using the current paper-based system of identifying available s.12 doctors AMHPs have no visibility of s.12 doctors able to do MHAAs, thus causing delay in these patient’s care pathway.   This leads to time-wasted on administration for AMHPs and unwanted calls for s.12 doctors.


S12 Solutions gives doctors the ability to provide their contemporaneous visibility of availability to AMHPs.  This includes the ability to indicate when they are unavailable or booked for another assessment.  AMHP are also able to see when the next s.12 doctor would be available.   This has saved both AMHPs and s.12 doctors in time wasted on administration based tasks providing them much needed capacity for core essential work.


Delays in emergency department, health-based places of safety and police custody can lead to increased use of s.4 of the MHA (1983).  In some cases these delays can be attributed to inability to find an available s.12 doctor and/or a specialised s.12 doctor e.g. CAMHS assessments


S12 Solutions can potentially reduce the time it takes to identify a s.12 doctor as AMHPs are able to search both within and outside their areas for available s.12 doctor experienced in the specialism which will provide the ‘best-fit’ for the patient during the MHAA e.g. CAMHS assessments.  Reduction in waiting for assessment can also provide much needed capacity to health-based places of safety thus improving flow-through in the Mental Health Crisis Care Pathway.

S12 Solutions also underpins the need to improve knowledge by using the data around the activity associated with MHAA to support the current and future demand needs around the crisis care pathway.  Using this data  our stakeholders are then able to collaborate locally in planning and delivering action.

Further developments to support NHS RESET and the NHS Response

S12 Solutions has been able to further demonstrate our responsiveness to the needs health and social care stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic, to further enhance and consolidating our place in supporting the mental health crisis pathways with the development of the following digital approaches:

  • Providing all training on-line – providing greater accessibility and opportunity to attend training has allowed AMHPs and s.12 doctors to train with peers safely and according to social distancing measures.
  • Development of a secure video-calling facility within the app – providing a way to hold a MHAA where the coronavirus may prevent or delay a MHAA.
  • Development of Electronic Statutory Forms

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