Supporting the Crisis Care Pathway through Digital Innovation.

S12 Solutions is an app and website (platform), which helps mental health professionals efficiently complete Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA) processes.

A MHA assessment is the process used to decide whether a person should be admitted to hospital for the assessment and treatment of a mental disorder. Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) are responsible for many MHA assessment duties, including considering whether to complete an application for detention in hospital, ensuring the MHA and MHA Code of Practice are followed, and coordinating the assessment team; AMHPs must find one doctor who is known to the person if practicable, and at least one doctor must be approved under section 12 (s.12) of the MHA.

Amy Manning is an AMHP and Best Interest Assessor. Amy had become frustrated with inefficient paper processes used to organise MHA assessment teams, which often delayed assessments, increased distress and risk for the person waiting, and put additional pressure on the health and social care professionals in the mental health crisis care system.

Amy was convinced technology could help and began research with AMHPs, s.12 doctors and other stakeholders. In 2017, Amy founded S12 Solutions, a platform that connected AMHPs and s.12 doctors. Today, S12 Solutions is the only system that supports the mental health crisis care pathway from point of referral for MHA assessment, to admission to hospital; features include MHA Assessment Team organisation, Electronic Statutory MHA Forms, Claim Form creation and submission, and Claim Payment.

S12 Solutions is one of only two digital companies ever selected for NHS England’s Innovation and Technology Payment Evidence Generation Fund, and also belongs to NHS England’s Clinical Entrepreneur programme; we are NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) and DigitalHealth.London Accelerator alumni.

In April 2021, S12 Solutions became part of software company VitalHub.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Supporting the Crisis Care Pathway through Digital Innovation

Our Vision

To help mental health professionals efficiently complete Mental Health Act processes, leaving them more time to focus on what they do best: supporting the person.



We are known for being genuine and we bring our whole selves to work.



Everyone counts; we encourage teamwork, development and recognition.



We care about the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues and collaborators.



We always do what we say we’re going to do and keep our promises to deliver.



We recognise our best selves and manage our energy accordingly.

Download our app

If you’re an AMHP or s.12 doctor and S12 Solutions is live in your area, you can download the app for iOS or Android here.