Children’s Mental Health Week, founded in 2015 by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, began on 6 February; this year’s theme is ‘Let’s Connect,’ which shines a light on the relationship between healthy connections and children’s wellbeing.

Here, we have assembled some of the resources we have seen this week that caught our attention.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation shared this collaboration between one of their young leaders, their project manager for schools, and LEGO. The team looks at the ways stress manifests in children and recommends naming emotions, playtime and mindfulness, among other ideas, to help children relieve stress:

Struggles at school: How to spot stress in kids and what you can do to help them

Maudsley Learning

In this Braincast episode, Consultant Liaison Neuropsychiatrist Dr Sotiris Posporelis discusses education and mental health with Dr Tamsin Ford CBE, Professor of Developmental Psychology at University of Cambridge:

What about our children?

Department of Education

On 7 February, the Department of Education published ‘State of the nation 2022: children and young people’s wellbeing,’ a report into the wellbeing of children and young people over the academic year 2021-2022.

Findings include that subjective wellbeing, measured annually, appears to have dipped in 2020, but had recovered close to pre-pandemic levels by 2021, and has remained at similar levels in 2022. Anxiousness appears to have increased and is higher than in 2020/21. Children and young people reporting unhappiness with their health also seems to have increased in recent years, and probable mental illness and eating problems are at elevated levels. On average, while children’s behavioural and attentional difficulties have remained relatively stable, emotional difficulties have increased:

State of the nation 2022: children and young people’s wellbeing

Royal College of Occupational Therapists

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists published every day life hacks to support children’s mental health. Their hacks include creating social connections, establishing routine, and participating in a range of creative, physical, mindful and social activities:

Lift up your everyday with OT Life Hacks to help children’s mental health

Health Education England (HEE)

HEE has created MindEd,  a free educational resource on children’s, young people’s, adults’ and older people’s mental health:

MindEd’s resources

The Centre for Mental Health

Published in December 2022, The Centre for Mental Health looks at what 2022 data can tell us about young people’s mental health. The article highlights the strong link between poverty and children’s poor mental health, and describes the practical steps the Government can take to relieve pressure on household incomes and bring about improvements in children’s mental health:

Children and young people’s mental health in 2022: what does the data tell us?

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