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Amy Manning is an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) and Best Interest Assessor.

Amy had become frustrated with inefficient paper processes used to organise Mental Health Act (MHA) assessment teams, which often delayed assessments, and increased distress and risk for the person waiting; research with colleagues, section 12 (s.12) doctors and other stakeholders revealed further challenges including:

  • Doctor s.12 approval is not routinely checked against the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) Mental Health Act Register Database: in some cases, this could lead to unlawful detention
  • Delays may absorb A&E, emergency service and place of safety resources
  • Doctors may be called day and night about attending MHA assessments because they cannot easily communicate their availability or control their contact information

Amy was convinced technology could help and in 2017, founded S12 Solutions, a platform that connects AMHPs with local, available s.12 doctors. In 2018, the platform was successfully piloted the commissioned in Cumbria and South West London.

Key features and benefits:

Benefits for doctors
  • Doctors can add their Availability for s.12 work and the capacity in which they are available (Trust, Independent, On Call), to encourage contact at appropriate times about MHA assessments that best suit their skills
  • Add Time Away to reduce contact during their downtime
  • Update their Starting Postcode to make themselves available for s.12 work wherever they area
  • Update this information as frequently as needed
  • Keep contact and skills information up to date
  • Access these features from a phone or laptop with the same login information
Benefits for AMHPs
  • AMHPs can efficiently organise MHA Assessment teams by searching for available doctors nearby the assessment location
  • Find the best available assessing team for the person by refining results by attributes such as languages and specialisms
  • Search for a doctor by name
  • Contact doctors via text, multi-text or by calling
  • AMHPs no longer need to check s.12 approval, as S12 Solutions’ link to the Mental Health Act Register Database does this automatically
  • Access these features from your phone or laptop with the same login information
MHA-Assessing-Team-Organisation-benefits of Digital Mental Health Act Assessment setup

I’ve been using the service now for well over two months and have made new contacts with various doctors in my local area. I can honestly say S12 is by far, the best AMHP app available in England.


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