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In Spring 2020, the S12 Solutions team worked with Site stakeholders and national leads to understand what else we could do to support our health and social care partners during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In collaboration with Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs), section 12 doctors, Mental Health Act administrators and a Mental Health Act Coordination Lead, S12 Solutions developed Electronic Statutory Mental Health Act Forms, delivering the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of errors, invalid detentions and repeat Mental Health Act assessments
  • Improvement in the quality of medical recommendations
  • Scrutiny is easier and quicker
  • Forms are saved centrally and securely, removing the risk of lost paperwork
  • AMHP productivity increases as AMHPs are no longer travelling between professionals to amend forms
  • Mental Health Act administrators have more time to focus on patients and their rights

Key features and benefits:

Easy to learn and use
  • This feature is integrated with the Mental Health Act Assessment set up workflow, accessed with the same login and resembles the familiar paper process
  • Populated information reduces rectifiable errors and limited date selection prevents date entry error
  • Electronic signatures comply with EU law
  • Forms can be created and data added while offline, and sent when online again
  • No data is saved to devices
  • There is potential for interoperability with electronic patient record systems
Aligned with Regulation amendments

S12 Solutions’ Electronic Statutory MHA Form feature is aligned with the Mental Health (Hospital, Guardianship and Treatment) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2020, which came into force on the 1 December 2020, allow statutory Mental Health Act forms to be sent and received electronically, when managing admission, detention, assessment or treatment under Part 2 Mental Health Act 1983.


The platform provides a contact-free method of creating, signing and sharing Statutory Mental Health Acts Forms.

SMHAF-Benefits of Digitised Mental Health Act Forms

The section 12 app has been a brilliant innovation. As a doctor I can put my availability on it so I no longer get calls on days when I have chosen not to work and it seems to make life much easier for the AMHP’s to find me when I am working.

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