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The S12 Solutions team worked with stakeholders across the country to develop a standardised, GDPR compliant claim form process.

Through talking to section 12 (s.12) doctors, claim processors and other stakeholders, we learned that it is not always clear to s.12 doctors where claims should be sent or how to resolve payment problems, which in some cases was discouraging s.12 doctors from participating in s.12 work.

Furthermore, claim processors were routinely sent non GDPR compliant claim forms, often in bulk. Processing could be time-consuming and bulk submissions could cause problems for accountable organisations’ budgets.

Key features and benefits:

Greater efficiency
  • The Create Claim process is initiated by the Approved Mental Health Professional; the platform uses NHS England’s Who Pays? guidance to identify the accountable organisation
  • Once the Claim Form has been created and the accountable organisation identified, the Claim Form is sent via the platform to the s.12 doctor to complete any additional information and submit the Form
  • This process can be used for any accountable organisation enrolled on the S12 Solutions platform
  • The platform can also facilitate invoices where this process is in use
Improved compliance
  • S12 Solutions has developed a GDPR compliant process
  • Comprehensive, sensitive patient information is no longer required
  • An efficient, streamlined process means that Claim Forms are no longer handled by multiple people
Track each claim's progress
  • Doctors can see which organisation has received their Claim Form
  • Doctors can track the status of each Claim Form using their Claims Dashboard
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S12 Solutions app is revolutionary as not only it has simplified things but has also brought things like availability and claims in one place.

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