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S12 Solutions was founded in 2017 by Amy Manning, an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) and Best Interest Assessor, who was frustrated by the delays to Mental Health Act (MHA) assessments caused by paper processes.

The platform has evolved with changing health and social care needs to become the only system able to provide the following features:

  • MHA Assessment Team organisation
  • Electronic Statutory MHA Forms
  • Claim Form creation and submission
  • Claim Payment

Our highlights

  • We support 8000+ AMHP, s.12 doctor and claim processor users
  • We work with approximately 75-80% of Mental Health Trusts
  • One of only two digital companies ever selected for NHS England’s Innovation and Technology Payment Evidence Generation Fund
  • Selected for NHS England’s Clinical Entrepreneur Programme
  • NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA and DigitalHealth.London alumni
  • Became part of software company VitalHub in 2021
  • Highly Commended in the Best Mental Health Partnership with the NHS category at the HSJ Partnership Awards, 2021
  • DTAC certified
  • SO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Cyber Essentials
  • G-Cloud 13 Supplier
  • Investors in People Platinum certified

The future

We are committed to helping mental health services achieve the aims set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the NHS Five Year Forward View for Mental Health. We will continue to collaborate with mental health professionals to digitise procedures and processes, where appropriate, to ease their administrative burden and allow them more time to focus on what they do best: supporting the person.


  • Click the following link to read Wessex Academic Health Science Network’s independent evaluation of S12 Solutions’ impact in Southampton and Hampshire: Wessex AHSN’s evaluation
  • Click the following link to read King College London’s scoping review of the literature on the availability of section 12 doctors: Kings College London’s review 
  • Click the following link to read York Heath Economics Consortium’s ‘Examples of Effectiveness and Economic Digital Health Case Studies:’ York Health Economics Consortium’s report
  • Click the following link to read the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Health and Social Care Workforce’s 2022 study in to the availability of section 12 doctors for Mental Health Act assessments: NIHR Policy Research Unit report into the availability of section 12 doctors  
  • KSS AHSN conducted a high-level workforce analysis in collaboration with Wessex AHSN and AHSN research partner, Unity Insights. Benefits reported include 6,832 hours of AMHP time, 549 hours of doctor time and 478 hours of admin time released by S12 Solutions. Full analysis and a summary can be found here: KSS AHSN Workforce Analysis 
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Some of the platform's key features:

In-house Development
  • Contribute to future development
  • Test new features before they are developed
In-house Account Management
  • Our team will guide you through our simple implementation process
  • Train all users
  • Be your point of contact after launch, helping to make sure you get the very best from the platform
In-house Product Support
  • Your Product Support Manager will provide additional support after launch
  • Respond to user queries and feedback
  • Get to know your users and local arrangements well



S12 Solutions’ Standard Platform includes MHA Assessment Team organisation and Claim Form creation and submission functionality. Electronic Statutory MHA Forms and Claim Form payment are additional features enabled by Site request. Platform cost is calculated according to the number of local authorities in the Site footprint.

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The Benefits

  • Services users are more likely to be assessed in a timely way by the best available assessing team
  • Reducing frustrating administrative tasks can improve staff wellbeing
  • Throughput may improve at places of safety, including A&E
  • Timely assessments may reduce the demand on the emergency services
  • Professionals can be reassured that doctors have active s.12 approval
  • Data can support Sites to develop integrated approaches to improving workforce capacity and process
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of the statutory MHA form process using our Electronic Statutory MHA Form feature

Fantastic to hear consistently positive messages from our Local Authority colleagues on how S12 Solutions has increased the efficiency in their role. Thank you S12 Solutions.

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Which parts of the MHA process does S12 Solutions support?

S12 Solutions is the only organisation that is able to provide the following features within one system:

  • MHA Assessment team organisation
  • Electronic Statutory MHA Forms
  • Claim Form creation and submission
  • Claim Payment

A single system makes life easier for busy users because they only have one system to learn and one login to use for all tasks.

The single system approach also aligns with NHSX’s goal of ensuring common technologies and services are used, so that areas do not have to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

What does the company do to make sure new technology becomes habitual?
  • S12 Solutions’ Delivery & Account Management team supports a Site with implementation and trains users, offering a variety of training sessions on different times and days
  • A Site’s Delivery & Account Manager will provide support post-launch too, so that each Site has a single point of contact who knows users and local arrangements well
  • Users can get in touch with the Support Team directly with any queries and this team can provide further training if required; user feedback to the Support Team is also encouraged and many user suggestions have been integrated into the platform
  • S12 Solutions’ leadership team has strong, long-term support from key national leads, which means that commissioners can be assured that the platform’s outcomes will always fully align with the national perspective and direction of travel
What evidence is available to demonstrate that the product works and how does the provider make sure the product remains fit for purpose?
  • In 2018, S12 Solutions supported 235 users during two pilots to test the concept
  • Both pilots demonstrated assessments happening sooner than expected, improved ability to organise ‘best-fit’ assessments for the service users, more doctors making themselves available for s.12 work and more assessments being organised by the shift that had received the referral
  • Pilot experience and research was used by our in-house development team to create the next iteration, which currently supports 5,000+ users
  • 75% of England’s Mental Health Trusts are represented on the platform
  • S12 Solutions has retained all of its Sites since the platform was launched in 2017
  • S12 Solutions is working with the Academic Health Science Network to provide robust evaluations for current projects
  • Our development team is supported by input from AMHPs, s.12 doctors, a Mental Health Act Coordination Lead, and an AMHP Consultant and Academic
  • S12 Solutions also hosts user/stakeholder focus groups to implement local process variations and scope new product development; in this way, the platform will continue to develop in harmony with evolving workforce needs and legislative changes
Is the product secure?

S12 Solutions can provide assurance in the following ways:

  • S12 Solutions Clinical Safety Case and Hazard log was reviewed and approved by external independent CSO which can be used by Health Organisations when reviewing NHS Digital’s DCB0160 compliance. The safety case report aims to provide part of the assurance that the application complies with NHS clinical safety standards. As such it is deemed clinically safe and fit for purpose
  • S12 Solutions has collaborated with the Department of Health and Social Care to develop an interface between our software and the Mental Health Act Register Database of s.12 approved doctors; only doctors with current s.12 approval are returned in AMHPs’ search results
  • S12 Solutions is ISO 27001 and 9001 certified
  • S12 Solutions is also part of G Cloud-13, the NHS Innovation Accelerator and Innovation and Technology Payment application, which all have rigorous, robust and competitive application processes; S12 Solutions’ inclusion on all can provides assurance to commissioners

Supporting Health and Social Care

S12 Solutions helps mental health professionals efficiently complete Mental Health Act 1983 processes. See how many AMHPs, section 12 doctors and claim processors are currently using our platform:


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