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S12 Solutions was founded in 2017 by Amy Manning, a practising AMHP, who was frustrated by the delays to Mental Health Act (MHA) assessments caused by out of date paper processes.

Today, S12 Solutions is a mature, evidence-based innovation, working with over 70% of England, and earning prestigious recognition from the NHS Innovation Accelerator and NHS England’s Innovation and Technology Payment.

The platform’s features support crisis care pathway efficiency and compliance:

  • Connecting AMHPs and s.12 doctors to enable quicker, simpler Mental Health Act assessing team organisation
  • Video Calling for pre and post-assessment conversations between AMHPs and s.12 doctors and/or remote assessments while following social distancing guidelines
  • Enabling the creation, sharing and submission of Electronic Statutory Mental Health Act Forms
  • Enabling the creation, submission, tracking and payment of GPDR-compliant Claim Forms
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Some of the platform's key features:

The Team

The S12 Solutions team will work alongside you to embed this new way of working.

Account Management

Your Account Manager will guide your through implementation and train all Users; they will also be your point of contact post-launch, helping to make sure you’re getting the best from the platform.

Product Support

Your Product Support Manager will provide additional support post-launch; dedicated to a Site, this person will really get to know your Site’s local rules and Users.


Our Support Team is on hand to respond to User queries.

  • Approved DBC0129 Clinical Safety Case
  • Linked to the Department of Health and Social Care’s Mental Health Act Register Database
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • G Cloud 12 supplier

S12 Solutions works with Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and Mental Health Trusts that sit within a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership or Integrated Care System footprint.

S12 Solutions’ cost is based on the number of Local Authorities within the footprint.

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The Benefits

  • Reduce avoidable assessment delays, the possibility of unlawful detention and stress on the crisis care system by connecting AMHPs with local, available s.12 doctors
  • Help AMHPs reach contracted doctors by communicating rota arrangements
  • Improve compliance via S12 Solutions’ link to the Department of Health and Social Care’s MHA Register Database, ensuring all doctors have active s.12 approval
  • Make evidence-based decisions with support from S12 Solutions’ data
  • Hold pre- and post-assessment conversations while social distancing or assess remotely using S12 Solutions’ Video Calling
  • Process GDPR-compliant claim forms with greater efficiency
  • Reduce errors, and improve professional productivity and patient care with Electronic Statutory MHA Forms

Fantastic to hear consistently positive messages from our Local Authority colleagues on how S12 has increased the efficiency in their role. Thank you S12 Solutions.

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Trusted by S12 Solutions



Which parts of the MHA process does the software support?

S12 Solutions is the only organisation able to provide the following features within one system, which is also interoperable with EPRS.

  • MHA assessing team organisation
  • Video calling for remote assessments or pre/post-assessment, socially distanced discussions between AMHPs and doctors
  • GDPR-compliant claims form submission and appraisal
  • The ability to pay claims if required
  • MHA statutory form completion and submission
  • Payments of Claims

A single system makes life easier for busy users because they only have one system to learn and one login to use for all tasks.

The single system approach also aligns with NHSX’s goal of ensuring common technologies and services are used so areas do not have to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

What does the company do to make sure new technology becomes habitual?
  • S12 Solutions’ account management team supports a Site with implementation and trains users at a time that suits their commitments, including evenings and weekends where necessary
  • A Site’s account manager will stay with them post-launch, so each has a single point of contact who knows them and their Site very well
  • Each account manager works alongside product support managers, who provide ongoing to support to their Sites; this enables the product support managers to really understand local processes and develop good relationships with those users. Including work to increase doctor networks and keep doctors’ availability up to date
  • Users can get in touch with the Support Team directly with any queries and this team can provide further training if required; user feedback to the support team is also heavily encouraged and many user suggestions have been integrated into the platform
  • S12 Solutions’ leadership team has strong, long-term support from the key national leads, which means that commissioners can be assured that the platform’s outcomes will always fully align with the national perspective and direction of travel.
What evidence is available to demonstrate that the product works and how does the provider make sure the product remains fit for purpose?
  • In 2018, S12 Solutions supported 235 users during two pilots to test the concept
  • Both pilots demonstrated assessments happening sooner than expected, improved ability to organise ‘best-fit’ assessments for the service users, more doctors making themselves available for s.12 work and more assessments being organised by the shift that had received the referral
  • Pilot experience and research was used by our in-house development team to create the next iteration, which is live or being implemented across 91 Local Authorities, 38 Mental Health Trusts and 79 CCGs; the system will work for AMHPs anywhere in England where the app has been commissioned to identify s.12 approved doctors for an out of area assessment, and our claim form process can be used for out of area assessments so long as the CCG is enrolled on the platform
  • S12 Solutions has retained all its Sites since the platform was launched in 2017
  • S12 Solutions is working with the Academic Health Science Network to provide robust evaluations for current projects
  • Our development team is supported by input from AMHPs, s.12 doctors, a Mental Health Act Coordination Lead, and an AMHP Consultant and Academic
  • S12 Solutions also hosts user/stakeholder focus groups to implement local process variations and scope new product development; in this way, the platform will continue to develop in harmony with evolving workforce needs and legislative changes
Is the product secure?

We recommend investigating the software provider’s approach to keeping user information safe and ensuring the software is clinically safe and fit for purpose. S12 Solutions can provide assurance in the following ways:

  • S12 Solutions Clinical Safety Case and Hazard log was reviewed and approved by external independent CSO which can be used by Health Organisations when reviewing NHS Digital’s DCB0160 compliance. The safety case report aims to provide part of the assurance that the application complies with NHS clinical safety standards. As such it is deemed clinically safe and fit for purpose
  • S12 Solutions has collaborated with the Department of Health and Social Care to develop an interface between our software and the Mental Health Act Register Database of s.12 approved doctors; only doctors with current s.12 approval are returned in AMHPs’ search results
  • S12 Solutions is ISO 27001 and 9001 certified
  • S12 Solutions is also part of G Cloud-12, the NHS Innovation Accelerator and Innovation and Technology Payment application, which all have rigorous, robust and competitive application processes; S12 Solutions’ inclusion on all can provides assurance to commissioners

Supporting Our Colleagues

S12 Solutions helps AMHPs organise the best-available assessing team by connecting them with available, local s.12 doctors. See how many AMHPs, Doctors and Commissioners have adopted the platform.

Digitising Mental Health Act

Please get in touch with Amy Manning to discuss options for your area:


Download our app

If you’re an AMHP or s.12 doctor and S12 Solutions is live in your area, you can download the app for iOS or Android here.

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