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The paper process used by doctors, to claim a fee for attending Mental Health Act assessments (MHAAs), presented multiple challenges.

Reduced productivity

  • Checking information, obtaining missing details, maintaining records, processing payments, and resolving queries relating to assessments that took place the previous financial year, took time for administration and finance professionals to complete

Confidentiality breaches

  • Paperwork could be handled by multiple people or delivered to the wrong place

Difficulty organising MHAA assessment teams

  • Processing and payment inefficiencies could lead to heavily delayed payments, which in some cases discouraged doctors from putting themselves forward for section 12 work, reducing the doctor network available to Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs)

To resolve these issues, S12 Solutions has extended its claims processing capability, using a codesign process, to include paying s.12 claims for MHAAs every two weeks.

Key features and benefits:

Improved MHAA team organisation

Removing payment barriers encourages more doctors to make themselves available for section 12 work, providing AMHPs with a larger doctor network and greater ability to organise the best-fit assessing team for the person.


Improved productivity

Administration and finance teams have more time to focus on other tasks.

Protected confidentiality

The process is GDPR compliant, and information is sent electronically to appointed personnel only.


Great to have people working together to develop integrated digital solutions that support high quality MHA processes. Helped by partners like S12 Solutions.

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