In April 2021, S12 Solutions was acquired by Canadian software company VitalHub Corporation (VitalHub). VitalHub brings together many businesses from around the world that support patients, and health and social care professionals, with technology.

Why did we decide to become part of VitalHub?

We are incredibly thankful to you, and the other mental health professionals and service providers, who have used the platform, offered ideas and tested new features. You have enabled us to expand the S12 Solutions platform to include Electronic Statutory Mental Health Act Forms and Claims Payment, with the development of Liberty Protection Safeguards processes underway too. There is so much we would like to do to make the platform as useful as possible, but carefully scoping and developing new features takes time; VitalHub’s resources and infrastructure are helping us develop ideas quicker than before, and we have the opportunity to learn from clinicians, mental health professionals and software specialists from across the world.

What does this mean for you?

Our team and platform remain in place unchanged, but you will see new and enhanced features appearing with greater efficiency.

Our email addresses have changed 

  • Our team’s email addresses have changed from to
  • has changed to
  • has changed to
  • has changed to
  • has changed to
  • Our team will still receive emails you send to email addresses; please keep in mind that replies will come from
  • While our email addresses have changed, we are still known as S12 Solutions in all other ways

Notification emails from the Support Team

Becoming part of VitalHub has given us access to systems that enable our Support Team to respond to users’ queries more efficiently, while allowing users to track the status of their queries.

  • You will receive a notification by email when you email the Support Team
  • The notification will explain how your query has been prioritised and the associated response time
  • You can track the progress of your query from the notification
  • You will receive a closure notification by email when your query is resolved
  • Email notifications may be delivered to your junk folder; in this case, double-click on the email in your junk folder to open the email fully, click Junk in the top left-hand corner, click Not Junk to move the email to your Inbox
  • You can add our email address to your Safe Senders list to ensure future notification emails are delivered to your Inbox by double-clicking on the email in your Inbox, clicking Junk and clicking Never Block Sender


Please get in touch here if you have any questions and the best person from our team to help you with your queries will be in touch.

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