We're looking for a Tech Lead and a Senior Developer to join our talented team.

Tech Lead and Senior Developer Job Opportunities

S12 Solutions is a specialist healthcare tech company based in Bath. Our product is an app and website, which helps mental health professionals efficiently complete Mental Health Act processes.

S12 Solutions was established in 2017, successfully piloted in 2018, and its core product released in 2019. Today, S12 Solutions is working with 70% of England’s Mental Health Trusts and belongs to two NHS innovation programmes; we’re a Gold Standard Investors in People organisation, and we’ve been shortlisted for ‘Best Mental Health Partnership with the NHS’ by the HSJ Partnership Awards, 2021.

We’re looking for a Tech Lead and a Senior Developer to join our talented team.

Both the Tech Lead and Senior Developer roles are:

  • Full time
  • Offer a competitive salary and benefits package
  • Home-based, with visits to the office in Bath as required; applicants should live within a 1-hour radius of Bath

Tech Lead Responsibilities and Requirements:

The Tech Lead will grow our software development team and coordinate with all areas of the business to efficiently deliver high value software solutions to S12 Solutions’ Sites.

  • Support the team’s professional development and engagement with other parts of the business through education and feedback
  • Prioritise and allocate work, ensuring the team’s focused on the highest priority items and productivity impediments are removed
  • Monitor progress against objectives, taking a hands-on role if required
  • Responsibility for direction and strategy, advising on technical roadmaps, and software architecture design and evolution
  • Communicate plans and priorities to other parts of the business

Qualifications/ Relevant Experience:

The Tech Lead should be proficient in senior software development skills. Desirable languages and frameworks include:

  • TypeScript
  • Nodejs
  • React / React-Native / React-Native-Web
  • AWS serverless services
  • Identify and provide guidance on developing cloud-first software solutions
  • Manage cloud-deployed software stacks, including monitoring, troubleshooting, and extending the cloud architecture
  • Experience in, or readiness for software development team performance management
  • Experience using Infrastructure as Code tooling such as Terraform, Serverless Framework, Cloudformation, Pulumi, or other relevant tooling
  • Experience designing and evolving database schemas; NoSQL / DynamoDB experience is desirable
  • Experience ensuring delivered software products are secure from unauthorised access, and correctly applying authorisation and authentication schemes to protect sensitive data; OAuth2 / OIDC, 2FA, SSO experience is a plus
  • Experience using some of the following AWS services: DynamoDB, Lambda, AppSync, CloudWatch, CloudWatch Events, EventBridge, SNS, Kinesis, S3, Athena, Glue, Elasticsearch Service, API Gateway, CloudTrail, IAM, Cloudformation, Cognito, SES, SSM, Step Functions, Pinpoint, Chime

Senior Developer Responsibilities and Requirements:

The Senior Developer will take ownership of delivering major functionality, from requirements gathering and technical design, to delivery and support. They will be trusted to make important decisions, and effectively manage technical investments, to meet immediate and strategic goals. Successful candidates do not need to join with all requisite skills but should have a technical foundation to deep dive into any area.

  • Work on all aspects of software design and coding in line with business strategy
  • Listen to customer feedback and use this information to design and develop software features for existing and upcoming products
  • Work with the software development team to support our existing product range
  • Program in a team environment and help other team members with task completion
  • Participate in the full development lifecycle including requirements gathering, estimation, development, QA testing, and deployment

Qualifications/Relevant Experience:

We’re looking for someone interested in learning and working with the following core technologies:

  • React
  • React Native
  • Typescript
  • GraphQL
  • Figma
  • Jest
  • Storybook
  • Jenkins
  • Github
  • AWS Serverless, including AppSync, Amplify, DynamoDB, Lambda, Pinpoint, S3, Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, IAM, Elasticsearch, Cloudformation, Codebuild
  • Applicants should be comfortable learning many of the above technologies on the job. They should have solid foundations necessary to pick up new skills. Senior Developers coming from a background in another language are welcome (Java, C#, Python) to apply

Next steps

If you’re interested in applying for the Tech Lead or Senior Developer role, please send your CV to Kerry before the 22nd January:


We look forward to hearing from you!

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