Our Tech Lead Chris Cook explains how joining S12 Solutions as a Senior Developer helped him through a time of personal crisis; today as our Tech Lead, he’s recruiting for a Senior Developer to join his growing team.


I was staring at the code of a personal project I was forcing myself to work on to keep my hand-in and to explore new technologies. I was doing this because I was four months in to a self-initiated sabbatical after burning out in a previous role. It was a scary place to be and I was left wondering what’s next, if anything.

Yet another recruiter messaged me with a new pile of positions; I was tempted to ignore them but noticed one of the positions was in mental health and I decided to delve a little deeper. The next day I took part in an interview via video call with S12 Solutions; I felt tired and rusty, but the team saw something in me and invited me to the next stage. At the end of the interview process, I accepted their offer of a Senior Developer position.

A few days before starting, a personal crisis happened, triggering a depression; as many people do, I cracked on regardless, brave face on, struggling within. I had a call with one of the founders of S12 Solutions and I told them how badly I was dealing with the crisis. Not even a week in to the role, I was encouraged to take mental health days if I need them, to do what I need to do; the company will be here when I am ready to come back. I didn’t take that time out, instead enjoying the distraction of getting stuck in to work, but in that moment, I knew working in mental health would be different.

Fast forward six months…

I am S12 Solutions’ Tech Lead, in the middle of the recruitment process myself to expand the development team in a company I truly adore, which is doing genuine good for so many people in difficult and vulnerable places in their lives.

S12 Solutions is only at the beginning of its journey, with a platform that is undergoing continual development and with new projects in the pipeline to expand what we can offer to our users.

It’s full-on but exciting, with so many amazing technologies and the support of every single co-worker on the good days, and the bad. The vibe at S12 Solutions is the most supportive and understanding I have ever experienced; it’s a feeling I never thought I would have in a role and it makes all the difference. Here’s to being able to pass-on that feeling to every new member of the growing development team.

Join us

Chris is looking for a Senior Developer to join our development team. Full details can be found here: Senior Developer Role Description

To apply, please send your CV to info@s12solutions.com before 4 March 2022.

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