S12 Solutions jumped at the chance to sponsor Thank You Social Workers, to recognise the incredible work social workers do, and take a moment to think about how we all take care of our mental health.

S12 Solutions is a proud sponsor of Thank You Social Workers, an event hosted by the Social Worker of the Year Awards charity, to recognise the important work social workers do.

This year has challenged how social workers undertake their daily practise and support their own wellbeing. Social workers have adapted to wearing PPE and working online from home; for many this involves balancing the responsibilities of maintaining high standards for service users, isolated from colleagues and routines, while also taking care of family.

Colleagues from various mental health teams have shared examples of how they have maintained contact and visits with service users during lockdown and beyond, all while managing the risk of bringing Covid-19 home afterwards. We’ve been humbled by the impact of the social worker role and grateful for social workers’ community spirit and teamwork.

The work led by Health Education England regarding mental health social workers has highlighted the inspiring and essential work they do; good progress is being made towards ensuring career progression opportunities are available to social workers, and this role is recognised and valued.

Health and Social Care have had to embrace digital this year, and the S12 Solutions team has continued working behind the scenes to develop and deploy digital tools to help AMHPs complete Mental Health Act assessment processes.

The future is uncertain, but we know there are difficult times ahead; the pandemic’s impact on the nation’s mental health is nationally recognised, and the mental health social worker role will be more important than ever before. In this video prepared for Thank You Social Workers, AMHP and S12 Solutions’ Founder Amy Manning, shares the ways she looks after her own mental health:

We would like to take this moment to recognise and thank social workers for everything they do for their communities.



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