Using S12 Solutions to process and pay claims leads to improvements in productivity, compliance and timely MHAA team organisation.

The problems with paper-based claims processes

The paper-based processes, often used by section 12 (s.12) doctors to claim their fee for attending a Mental Health Act assessment (MHAA), led to numerous challenges for s.12 doctors, as well as claims processors and finance teams:

  • Paper forms were often time consuming to complete, and s.12 doctors did not always know where to send them
  • Paper forms were not always GDPR compliant
  • Claims were often sent in bulk, and for assessments that took place in the previous financial year, creating challenges for a paying organisation’s budget management
  • Processors had no easy way to retrieve missing information or check for duplicate claims
  • Processing and paying paper claims, and seeking reimbursement from other areas, took a long time to complete

Consequently, payments to doctors were often delayed, dissuading them in some cases from participating in s.12 work, and making it harder for Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) to organise timely MHAAs.

Video CallingProcessing and paying claims

In response to these problems, S12 Solutions has extended its claims processing capability to include paying s.12 doctors’ claims for MHAAs, within two weeks of a claim’s submission.

The benefits of our process

Supporting the organisation of the best-fit MHAA team for the person

  • Removing payment barriers encourages more doctors to put themselves forward for s.12 work
  • AMHPs have a broader network of doctors to contact, improving their ability to organise the best available MHAA team

Enhanced productivity

  • Administration and finance teams have more time to devote to other tasks

Confidential information is protected

  • Our process is GDPR compliant
  • Information is shared securely and to appointed personnel only

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